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Jack's Big Music Show


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Spiffy Pictures

Characters & Voices
Jack - David Rudman
Mary - Alice Dinnean
Mel - John Kennedy
Jack's Mom - Cathy Richardson
Jack is just a cool little music lovin' kid who takes a break every day from his busy kid schedule to visit his favorite place in the world - his backyard clubhouse. Here he can do what he loves best -make music, sing, dance, and have fun with his friend Mary, his faithful dog Mel and all of his neighborhood pals who stop by.

Jack and Mary love to be surprised by discovering music in unexpected places, and anything can happen in the clubhouse, from rocking out in a super-swell dance party to discovering the Music Genie to meeting Jack's number one favorite musician, The King of Swing himself!

Each episode of Jack's Big Music Show features music videos from Move to the Music's Laurie Berkner. Other musicians who drop by the clubhouse include Buddy Guy, Yolanda Adams, Cathy Richardson, Music for Aardvarks, Hot Peas 'N Butter, Milkshake, and Dirty Sock Funtime Band.

Learning Goals:

The mission of Jack's Big Music Show is to expose and foster an appreciation of music. Music and musical instruments help children expand their universe and develop memory, language, literacy and reasoning skills as well as the cognitive, social and motor skills that are needed to excel in school. In Jack's clubhouse, music is pure joy - no expectations and no right or wrong way, just music for music's sake. Or in Jack's words, 'super swell!'
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