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Mighty Bug 5, The


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Nick Jr
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Characters & Voices
Mighty Bug -
Super Antny -
Invisilizzy -
Go Girl -
Parnell -
The Mighty Bug 5 is a series of animated shorts by the creative team of Jonny Belt and Robert Scull, the co-executive producers of the Nick Jr. preschool show The Backyardigans. Each exciting episode follows the adventures of five friends, Jason, Antny, Lizzy, Catybug, and Parnell, who transform into superheroes whenever trouble occurs in the tiny town of Yardley. Using their unique superpowers and working together as a team, Mighty Bug, Super Antny, Invisilizzy, Go Girl, and Parnell defeat villains and restore peace to Yardley.

These shorts are designed to demonstrate preschool skills like cooperation and problem solving while exploring other issues important to young kids, such as good behavior and empathy. Parents are sure to recognize and appreciate references to favorite cartoons from their own childhood, and both parents and their preschoolers will enjoy the humor and the adventurous, amusing story lines.
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