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Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks


Original Air Date:
Discovery Kids
Prod. Co.:
Endgame Entertainment


Characters & Voices
Bigfoot -
Little Tow -
Meteor - Cameron Ansell
Senora Rosa -
Jose - Mitchell Eisner
Junk Boy - Cliff Saunders
Ponytail - Tajja Isen
Amby - Laurie Elliott
Sinker - Linda Ballantyne
Big Wheelie - Martin Roach
Every episode of BIGFOOT PRESENTS: METEOR AND THE MIGHTY MONSTER TRUCKS embraces rough and tumble physicality, sportsmanship and resilience. Through racing, the little monster trucks of Crushington Park learn valuable life lessons. In every race there are winners and losers, and the trucks learn how to handle both outcomes. In the heat of competition, the trucks learn the difference between playful teasing and crossing the line and hurting a friend’s feelings. And all trucks, even the biggest ones, make mistakes on and off the racetrack. But overcoming huge obstacles is what made Bigfoot famous, so with self-confidence, dedication and a little elbow…er... engine grease, he’ll help the young trucks accomplish amazing things. And they’ll all have a lot of fun too!
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