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Teen Titans


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Warner Bros. Television


Characters & Voices
Beast Boy - Greg Cipes
Raven - Tara Strong
Robin - Scott Menville
Starfire - Hynden Walch
Cyborg - Khary Payton
Tramm - Dave Coulier
Aqualad - Wil Wheaton
Teen Titans, set in a future of intergalactic strife and interplanetary battles, features five teen superheroes each with special powers, led by the Boy Wonder Robin. This group unites to form a defensive force to protect the Earth from a new generation of villains. An eclectic group, their powers complement each other so that when they band together, they become a superb fighting force. Their personalities, on the other hand, often clash. Discovering how to control their powers, these Teen Titans must learn to work and grow as a team while dealing with the trials and tribulations of being teenagers

Character Profiles:

As Robin, Scott Menville gets to play the gung-ho leader of the Teen Titans superhero team, relying on his daring, intellect and a fully-loaded utility belt to carry him through the challenges he and his team face, while still taking the time to explain the intricacies of life on Earth to Starfire. Menville has done voice work on Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story and The Land Before Time III, and was a series regular on Mission Hill.

Greg Cipes plays Beast Boy, the team's "class clown" who can morph into any animal to suit the situation. Greg Cipes, the voice behind this good humored, green character, is also a regular on Justice League Rugrats: All Growed Up.

The sensitive newcomer to Earth, Starfire desperately wants to fit in just like any other teenager. Although she is caring, with a curiosity that is innocent and endearing, she won’t hesitate to hurl an energy ball at anyone who tries to mess with her or her friends. Hynden Walch, who has had guest starring roles on NYPD Blue, The Drew Carey Show, and The Practice, brings warm-hearted kindness to the role.

Tara Strong is no newcomer to playing superheroes, playing Bubbles on The Powerpuff Girls and Batgirl on The New Batman/Superman Adventures. Now she plays Raven mystical, gothic and slightly creepy team member whose powerful mental abilities allow her to control inanimate objects.

Khary Payton has his first starring role as the voice of Cyborg, the half-robot, half-man member of the Teen Titans who, with his powerful sonic cannon, vice-like mechanical grip, and enhanced grip, is a human Swiss Army knife. Rebuilt as a human/robot hybrid after a devastating accident, he has as much to learn about controlling his powers and his temper.

Veteran actor Ron Perlman plays Slade, the mysterious archenemy of the Teen Titans who dispatches others from his secret compound to do his dirty work for him. Perlman is best known for his role in the TV series Beauty & the Beast, for which he received a Golden Globe Award in 1987. Besides appearing in such feature films as The Island of Dr. Moreau and the upcoming Hellboy, Perlman played the shape-shifting villain Clayface in Batman: The Animated Series.

Allies & Rogues:

Plasmus: Inside the local prison, a mundane-looking criminal is held in a state of suspended animation. When awoken by one of Slade’s minions, he turns into Plasmus, a gelatinous blob with limbs, fangs and pincers. But this is a blob with a brain, capable of outsmarting the Teen Titans and swallowing them whole.

Gizmo, Mammoth and Jinx: These three teenage bad seeds are about to graduate from the Hive Academy and are looking to be employed by criminal patron Slade. But first he asks them to pass one final exam: destroy the Teen Titans. Gizmo, covered head to toe in high-tech gadgets, is a pint-sized boy-genius with a bad attitude. Mammoth is not just big for his age, this ultimate bully is big for his species. Jinx is a beautiful but arrogant witch able to cast hexes that bring her enemies the worst kind of bad luck.

Thunder and Lightning: Not exactly bad guys, these two are literally forces of nature come to life. Thunder’s earth-shattering sonic booms can crumble concrete, bend steel and even knock the Teen Titans around. Lightning is the world’s biggest taser. Together they wreak havoc-all in the name of having a little fun. But their idea of fun can destroy a city.

Warp: This slick superthief is always ready for a clean getaway. With his teleporting techno-suit, he can zap himself in and out of a bank vault with a load of cash. In fact, he can even teleport anything he touches, which makes capturing Warp a tricky prospect. If Warp was not so obsessed with taking credit for his robberies, he might be the perfect criminal.

Killer Moth: With no superpowers of his own, this ordinary guy relies on superior training, intellect and a high tech utility belt to battle his foes. Sound familiar? But unlike Robin, Killer Moth is a bad guy with an army of monstrous genetically mutated moths. The Teen Titans can’t wait to squash this self-made criminal.

Aqualad: He’s buff, charming and can breathe underwater. Just when Beast Boy is about to show off his ability to change into a menagerie of underwater creatures, Aqualad shows up. This hero of the deep joins the Teen Titans to stop a mysterious amphibious villain named Trident, who has stolen a boatload of toxic waste.

Red X: This mysterious super-thief blows into town trying to steal a high-tech computer ship. And Red X somehow knows just how to disarm each of the Teen Titans. If this masked villain can enact his plan to team up with Slade, he may be too powerful to stop.

Fixit: When Cyborg gets taken offline during a battle inside the local junkyard, this cybernetic hermit takes it upon himself to tweak the big guy’s systems. Fixit is “upgrading” Cy so dramatically that the Teen Titan is in danger of losing his human side, and is unable to do anything about it. Though they have little in common, both Cyborg and Fixit must deal with what it means to be part human and part machine.

Cinderblock: All brawn and no brain, this strongman can blast through walls with ease. Built of solid concrete and capable of taking on all five Teen Titans at once, Cinderblock is a powerful foot soldier for Slade.
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