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Groove Squad Cheerleaders


Original Air Date:
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Characters & Voices
Chrissy - Jennifer Love Hewitt
Roxanne - Kathleen Barr
Star - Meghan Black
Mackenzie 'Mac' - Tina Bush
Stacy - Vanessa Morley
Heifer Cheerleader - Cat Sides
Ping - Valerie Sing Turner
Additional Voices - Andrea Libman
When a trio of cheerleaders gets zapped by a jolt of electricity while at a local hairdresser, a lot more changes than just their hair styles. Endowed with special powers like X-ray vision, super strength, and the ability to fly; cheerleaders Christy (voiced by Jennifer Love Hewitt), Ping, and McKenzie soon find themselves with a responsibility even greater than winning the cheerleading championship--thwarting the evil Dr. Nightingale's plans for total world domination. As the trio explores their newfound superhero powers, they learn the value of teamwork and perseverance. The Nickelodeon Groove Squad girls may be stereotypically obsessed with their looks and popularity, but much like Kim Possible, the group quickly proves to be an athletic group of women serious about the sport of cheering and their responsibility to society. Popular teen lingo pervades this feature-length presentation that's packed with humorous details like flower power hippies, a fully equipped car la James Bond, and a character who sounds like Austin Powers.
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