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Candy Claus


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Yoram Gross
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Lou - Keith Scott
Mum - Robyne Moore
Jennifer - Robyne Moore
Jewels - Robyne Moore
Chris - Robyne Moore
Sam - Keith Scott
Molly - Robyne Moore
Santa Claus - Keith Scott
Mrs. Claus - Robyne Moore
Candy Claus - Robyne Moore
Oh - No
Hey - You
Elfie - Keith Scott
Shad - O
Professor Must - Know
The Computer - Keith Scott
Lost Penguins - Keith Scott & Robyne Moore
When Chris wonders when Santa's presents arrive at their house, the entire family wonder what he will get for Christmas and decide to make him a gift of two dolls. The Boy doll got stolen by Oh-No, a mad scientist that is able to fly. Mrs. Claus discovers two boxes and opens them and finds the other doll, by saying that they love them makes the dolls come to life. They name her Candy, show her around town, and meet Professor Must-Know, who designs computers for Santa's Workshop. Oh-No just doesn't understand how to raise the other doll, and names him Hey-You, and Oh-No is jealous of Candy and keeps pushing her and tripping her for an entire year without anybody seeing him. He does it once again, and she stumbles on The Computer and overhears a meeting with the elves trying to solve all these mysterious problems, without Santa's approval. The Decision was made by The Computer to put Candy in charge of teaching reindeer how to fly. She also was assigned Shad-O so she would stay out of trouble, and she wouldn't be let into Santa's Workshop again until after Christmas was over for the year. Candy leaves Santatown, with Shad-O, and Oh-No, following her. She was warned by Shad-O that if she didn't keep moving that she would turn back into a doll. She believes that nobody loves her, so she turned back into a doll. Santa found her after a distress signal was sent by Shad-O. She wakes up again, and becomes part of Christmas by making lots of Candy Canes for all the children. She also gets her own sleigh with all the reindeer that she taught to fly.
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