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Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales

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Total Episodes : 70 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 70

Season 1
A Wreck of a Record
Admiral Tennessee
Aztec Antics
Boning Up on Dinosaurs
Brain Strain
Brushing Off a Toothache
By the Plight of the Moon
Catch a Falling Hammock
Coat Minors
Dog Daze
Food Feud
Funny Honey
Getting Steamed Up
Going Up
Hail to the Chief
Helicopter Hi-Jinks
Hooray X-Ray
Hot Air Heroes
House Painters
How Does Your Garden Grow
Howl, Howl - The Gang's All Here
Irrigation Irritation
Lever Levity
Madcap Movie-Makers
Minor Forty-Niner
Mixed-Up Mechanics
Monsters from Another Park
Oik's Well
Parachuting Pickle
Peace and Quiet
Perils of a Platypuss
Phunnie Munnie
Physical Fitness
Playing it Safe
Private Eye Detectives
Robot Revenge
Rocket Ruckus
Rocky Road to Diamonds
Sail On, Sail On
Scuttled Sculpture
Signed and Sealed
Smilin' Yak's Sky Service
Snap That Picture
Snow Go
Sword Play
Tale of a Tiger
Teddy Bear Trouble
Telephone Terrors
Tell-Tale Telegraph
The Barbers
The Big Drip
The Big Question
The Bridge Builders
The Cheap Skates
The Eyes Have It
The Giant Clam Caper
The Goblins Will Get You
The Lamplighters
The Rainmakers
The Romance of the Plymouth Rock
The Treasure of Jack and the Joker
The Tree Trimmers
The Zoolympics
There Auto Be A Law
Three Ring Circus
TV Testers
Zoo's News


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